Sunday, November 22, 2009

We've MOVED!!!

Our new blog is
Please come check it out!! Thanks again for your support and prayers...we are so grateful!!
-R & J

Monday, November 16, 2009

Our First Year together

The Past: When we stop and look back at where we've come from, or better yet, where God's taken us, we can simply thank God that He did His will for us before He did our will...His will is always the best! We look at the trials He's brought us through...for example, the 6 month delay between graduation and Justin's start date, my job search in Texas while living in Alabama, and the many other unexpecteds of the first year :) But more than that, we are amazed at how He's always been there to bless us and love us along the way. For example, the many times the bank account had more than my balanced checkbook showed, or the job offer that came when none were listed on the website, and lets not forget the 5 random jobs God gave to us while we were in Lexington for 6 months...not to mention the 3 healthy nieces and nephew that have been added this past year!!! His blessing are truly countless!!!

The Present:
We are speechless. He has given Justin his dream job and has given him success through the first Phase of Pilot training, He's given Rebekah her dream job as a teacher with a higher purpose, and He's given us both more love than we could have ever imagined!!

The Future:
God has begun to put specific callings and lessons in our lives. We know that He is constantly preparing us for what's to come, and we want to be ready for wherever He leads.
We thank you ahead for the prayers that will cover us now and in the future.

Here are some fun pictures from our Anniversary celebration :)

My big surprise while at work on Friday!!

We love you all!
J & R

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

"Grieving with, not for them."

As I sat, and watched the memorial for our dear brethren and sisters in Fort Hood, I couldn't help but weep as our President spoke the words, "lets not grieve for them, but with them". I am not the biggest fan of our President's beliefs, but I truly appreciated the respect he gave to them in his words today. As Veterans Day approaches, I have a stronger appreciation this year. Not only because of the closer connection I now have with the military, but also because of the clearer understanding I now have of the true sacrifice these men and women, in each branch, give for me and you, every single day. For those who have given their lives for my freedom, I am grateful. Each war, each death, is truly valuable in our Nations History of freedom. May we all keep those at war, their families, and the families of the lost, in our daily prayers.
I am thankful for this Nation, "One Nation Under God".

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Let the Training Begin!!!

Here are some pictures of the first two training weeks for Justin :)

sitting in the Altitude Chamber...getting excited about the ride ahead :)

Practicing parachute procedures before the big jump :0)
So happy our schedules allowed me to share these experiences with him :) I am so proud of him.

Thanks for continuing to lift his safety and success up in your prayers.
-R & J

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Home sweet home

We enjoyed a visit home last weekend! It was a quick visit, but a much needed one. We decided that we love the journey that our Lord has prepared for us, but we also love the familiarity that home has for us. As we visited, we got to celebrate Rebekah's mom's Birthday and visit our sweet new niece, Caroline.

Here's some fun pictures from the Birthday celebration...we had a slumber party at Momma and Daddy's :0)

Here's some pictures of sweet Caroline :) It was neat to see her and Daniel spending time together! He's going to be such a good big brother!

We also spent some time with all of our grandparents. They are so special to us and we are blessed to have them in our lives.

We got back home safely and on time, and the week began early the next morning :)

Here are some pictures of happenings in Del Rio:

*Sorry the picture quality isn't very came from the cell phone.
Justin and I got this beautiful bird bath from this pottery store that has many pieces that are made in Mexico.
This is Justin in his flight suit with his G-suit and helmet on!!! So exciting :)
This is a picture of Rebekah dancing with some of her students and staff members at Lamar Elementary's Fall Festival!

Thanks for your continued prayer as Justin begins a very important part of his career. Please pray for his focus and safety. We hope you all continue to have a very blessed and beautiful Fall.
Love, R & J

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

God's fingerprints in my life.

I am so blessed by each one of these precious students. God has used them to make a difference in my teach me and to bring joy into my life right now! Each of them make a fingerprint into my path...the path God's laid before me. Thank you so much for every prayer. The students are so wonderful, but also go through a whole lot everyday. Here's a few pictures of our Fall time together:

If they have 5 good days in a row, they get a High Five Award!!!
We have a section for compliments. They can write compliments for each other or me, and I can write compliments to them :)
All of my beautiful and silly kiddos :0) It was picture day, so we thought it was the perfect time for a class picture!

Fall Fun Facts!! Everyone wrote a Fun Fact that they've learned the first 6 weeks of school.

Thanks for you prayers and encouragement! This has been the most exciting and unpredictable first year of teaching...I could have never dreamed of this, but I think that's exactly why God gave it to me :)

Love, Rebekah

P.S. What ever happened to bringing your teacher an apple???!!! This is a "gift" from one of the students!

October Happenings :)

So many blessings have come this month. A huge blessing came October 20th at 3pm when we welcomed a beautiful little niece into the world! We are so happy that baby Caroline and Erin are doing well and already home :)

Here are some photos of what's been happening here!
We spent the whole day Saturday working was too beautiful of a day to waste :) We are now ready for the trick-or-treaters :0)
After a fun hayride we went to the pumpkin patch and picked the best one there!! We named him "Marvin" :0)

We celebrated out 11 months with a nice dinner with our China and Crystal from the wedding. We fall more in love everyday and are so grateful for God's example of true love through his son Jesus Christ.
NO, I didn't give him a bruise :) This is a picture from a mock exercise that the men did a week ago. They each got different fake "accidents" to play out during the exercise. I was not expecting this when he got home, so needless to say, I was pretty surprised!!

We love you all so much and hope you are enjoying this wonderful Season!!
Love, R & J